Tuesday, December 31, 2019

1967 - My Cup Runneth Over

My second entry for 1967 is a little different. Most of my SixtySongs are pop and rock songs, while this is from the Broadway musical "I Do! I Do!" It's true that the version by Ed Ames reached #1 on the Adult Contemporary Chart (and #8 on the Pop Chart), but it's still something of a SixtySongs outlier.

Harvey Schmidt wrote the music, and Tom Jones (not the singer) wrote the lyrics, which speak of the many reasons that the husband in the play loves his wife. He tells us that his love will endure, even as the world is "turning cold". I know just how he feels.

That's it for 1967 - I have two songs selected for 1968, but if you have a suggestion, please pass it on - I'll consider it!

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