Sunday, March 10, 2019

1966 - Sounds of Silence

"The Sounds of Silence" is my third SixtySong from 1966, one of two songs named when I put out the call for special requests. (It's interested to note that the other request was another Simon & Garfunkel song - "Homeward Bound". Fortunately, both songs are very much among my favorites.)

Finding some definitive meaning for this song is difficult at best. Finding a personal meaning, however, is easier. To me, the lyrics speak to the dangers of giving up on communicating with one another, whether the conversation is intimate or political. Silence, indeed, "like a cancer grows".

We're coming up on 1967, which will feature two songs - one made famous by the Monkees, and another one originally recorded by Jimmie Rodgers. See you then!

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