Saturday, March 24, 2018

1966 - Solitary Man

In the early seventies, I was a big Neil Diamond fan. I had a lot of his songs memorized - which was relatively easy, since there weren't a lot of complex chords.

Instead of selecting any of his other hits as a SixtySong, I opted for "Solitary Man". It has a classic opening riff (that I actually know how to play), and an equally classic theme - the betrayed lover.

The song has been recorded by Johnny Cash (as I mention in the video), Chris Isaak, Billy Joe Royal, and Johnny Rivers, among many others. And now me ...

I would like to hear any suggestions you have for the "flip side" of 1966. And I would appreciate your comments - think of those as coins in a virtual tip jar! 

Thanks again for visiting 1966 with me! Until next time!

P.S. - "The Girl From Ipanema" was first recorded in July 1964, if you were wondering.


  1. Very cool! And really cool project, too. Maybe I'll have to give something like this a go in a few years...!